In or Out: Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrera

Posted on February 14, 2012

Since her BAFTAs red carpet appearance had us shrieking in horror, let’s do Christina a solid and show her looking slightly less crazy.

Christina Hendricks attends the ELLE Style Awards 2012 in Carolina Herrera.

We….think? We like this? No matter what, it’s refreshing to see her without the babyheads and the crazylady hair she’s been favoring lately. Although come to think of it, the hair’s still a little on the crazy side.

But look! The dress fits her! It’s not too tight and her tits aren’t squealing like balloons slowly leaking air! It’s also a great set of colors for her, as anyone who watches Mad Men could have told her. Not entirely sold on the exaggerated shoulders and high neck; not for her. And we can’t help thinking it would look much better if that skirt was more fitted to her. Still, it’s head-turning and flattering in a way she can’t seem to manage half the time.

We were chatting about her with some other red carpet commenters here at Fashion Week and we all came to the conclusion that her much-discussed difficulty fitting herself is at least 2/3 bullshit. Bear in mind that she’s thinner than the vast majority of women out in the world, most of whom have learned how to dress themselves. Every time we see a celebrity in person – and we’re seeing a lot this week – it’s always a shock how tiny and skinny they all are compared to their pictures. Look at her skinny husband for comparison. Look at that tiny waist. She’s a curvy gal and a busty gal, but she’s not a big gal; not even by celebrity standards. The only reason people think she’s bigger is because she dresses so badly that her outfits tend to make her look bigger. Yes, that rack presents its own difficulties when it comes to dressing and we’re not ignoring that, but it’s no excuse for the parade of awkward-looking outfits she’s foisted on the public,

As we said, this is a big step in the right direction for her. It fits, and the basic shape suits her. And it’s a look-at-me dress, which is always good for the red carpet. More of this please, Christina.


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IN! I’m so happy not to see those baby heads!.

OUT! Too ’80s secretary.



Leighton Meester’s limp hair and fur skirt got a vehement OUT from the kittens who are bitter.

[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos]

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