In or Out: Ashley Greene in DKNY

Posted on February 06, 2012

It’s apparently “Purple Dress with Peep-Toes” day here at T Lo Theme-Seeking Industries, Inc. We almost didn’t feature this look just because Kristen Davis sort of got there first.

Ashley Greene attends the Lucky magazine cover party in a DKNY dress paired with a Samantha Wills cuff and Christian Louboutin pumps.

But of course that’s a ridiculous comparison because any similarities are purely surface. They couldn’t look more different, really. It’s just that we paused for a second, realizing we were putting two long-haired brunettes in purple dresses back to back. We’re visually oriented, what can we say?

We’re also really digging this look on her. It’s so simple as to be minimalist, but it’s got a great shape to it, the color looks fantastic on her, and that gigantic cuff is a bold and inspired choice for jewelry. Absolutely fucked it up with those Payless shoes, though. We don’t care if they’re Louboutins and cost more than several months’ worth of mortgage payments. Enough with the silly putty pumps, people. We’re going to resort to insults until everyone involved just stops it; stops it right this instant. Go back a couple posts and look at those fab shoes Rooney Mara’s sporting. Imagine how much better this outfit would have looked with something fairly simple but statement-making punctuating it. She could’ve gotten a “WERQ it, girl!” from us, but now she’s been thrown to the wolves, where her fate is anything but certain.

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IN! Oh, quitcher whining about the goddamn shoes. She looks hot.

OUT! Wonder Woman’s looking to get herself some tonight!


Rooney and her much more fabulous shoes are still up for a vote. Opinions are good for the complexion, darlings.
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