David Beckham in London

Posted on February 02, 2012

Becks hits the town:

David Beckham heads to the H&M Launch Party in London.

The man can even look good getting out of a car. Do you know how much most celebrities dread getting out of a car? There is absolutely no way to do it while pictures are being taken and not wind up looking awkward.

LOVE those shoes.

We’re curious about that hat he’s carrying. There’s no way that hair ever came in contact with a hat, so what’s the point in carrying it around?

We may have said this about Becks before but it bears repeating (because it’s our site and we’ll be as repetitive as we like): He doesn’t actually do anything for us. And we don’t want to make generalizations, but we don’t think he does much for the gays on a whole. He’s like George Clooney that way. You ladies can have him.

Which isn’t to say we think he’s unattractive or anything; far from it, in fact. And as fashion bloggers, we couldn’t possibly say a bad word about the man’s personal style. Maybe wifey-poo picks out every thing he wears (we strongly suspect it), but who cares? The end result is suave as hell.



[Photo Credit: BPacificCoastNews – Video Credit: Stateofstylechannel via youtube.com]

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