Daniel Radcliffe: Attaboy.

Posted on February 15, 2012

Daniel may now join the vast line-up of stars who do exactly what we tell them to. You’re in good company, Daniel; smart people, salt of the earth.


Daniel Radliffe at the “The Woman in Black” Photocall in Madrid.

No, not the eyebrows (although the lighting makes it look like he might have taken that advice too and gotten a trim).

Y’see, several months back, we noted that Daniel, in his fevered quest to get away from Hogwarts and head toward a more grown-up career, was dressing perhaps a bit too formally for his age all the time and the result was so packaged and perfect, that it didn’t really do what it was supposed to. In other words, all the suits and ties and perfect blow-dried hair was making him look more than ever like a child playing dressup. At the time, we told him: “You would do well to go for the hipster look, not the prepster one.”

And of course, people heard “hipster” and immediately thought of massive beards, black-rimmed glasses, ironic t-shirts, and an overwhelming sense of smugness, but that’s an awfully limiting view of the term. And granted, if he sauntered through a true hipster enclave wearing this, he’d probably be ignored for not committing to the look enough, but this is kind of what we were talking about: a more relaxed look that’s still stylish and modern, but not as rigid-looking as a suit and not as douchey-looking as half the casual getups male stars sport in public. He looks cute, stylish, and approachable.

What would these stars do without us to guide them along, kittens? Some day we’re going to be thanked in an Oscar speech, just you wait.

[Photo Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos]

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