Cathy Cambridge, Chic & Cheeky

Posted on February 09, 2012

Cathy steps out in The Little Dress That Could.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a preview of Lucian Freud paintings at the National Portrait Gallery in London in a Jesire dress paired with Jimmy Choo shoes.

We understand the restrictions that come with her position and for the most part, we think she does okay in the style department. Not quite “style icon,” but she’s consistent, almost never looks bad, and tends to hit the mark when it comes to dressing the occasion. But when she goes out looking truly great, we have to admit that a great deal of that has to do with the fact that, well, she’s a great-looking lady, no matter what she wears. She’s not quite pulling a Jolie, but sometimes she does tend to disappoint because there’s often very little personality or expression in what she chooses to wear.

But this is such a sassy little dress with so many cute details that it may be one of our favorite outfits we’ve ever seen her wear. Granted, the shoulders add a lot of bulk, but she’s so thin it’s not really an issue. In fact, it’s nice to see something with so much shape on her. She looks fresh, young, and chic. Well done, cheeky Duchess.

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