Woolrich Byrd Cloth Parka

Posted on January 20, 2012

We’re spending this January as we have spent every January since we became a “thing,” lo these many years gone; by trading a cold back and forth, taking turns being sick and expecting the other one to wait on them because “I did it for you when you were sick last week!” A dismal place is T Lo ville this month. Cats get fed and holiday decorations get boxed up, but that’s about all we can manage in the way of domestic maintenance until February. And every January, as we dig out of the piles of tissues and make our way through the fog of eucalyptus steam, we vow, like Scarlett herself, that as God is our witness, we will NEVER leave the house without proper protection from the cold again.

And then we get better and subsequently completely forget about our vow. But it’s good to know yourself, don’t you find?

Anyway, with an introduction like that, who needs a segue? The subject is winter outerwear and we love these classic parkas from the Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Fall/Winter ’12 collection in some very non-classic colors:


In fact, it’s those very colors that are allowing us to overcome our seventies childhoods, where we and every single other male child (and a large percentage of the females) who lived in climates where it got cold during the winter owned what we called “snorkel jackets.” It’s hard sometimes to return to the clothes of your youth without feeling a little silly about it, but these are awesome updates to a classic piece of outerwear. Best of all, they’re made of a water-repellant cotton, which means none of the constant swishing that comes from nylon rubbing together. Seriously, the schoolyards in the seventies and eighties sounded like a herd of whistling animals when you put 300 cheap nylon parkas out to play at a time.

Anyway, our question to y’all is:


The Woolrich Byrd Cloth Parka: YEA or NAY?


Orange for Lo and blue for T is what we’re thinking.


[Photo Credit: woolrich.com]

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