Rob Lowe in NYC

Posted on January 05, 2012

Question: When did Rob Lowe turn into Michael Jackson? Is is too late to reverse it?

Rob Lowe makes an appearance on “Good Morning America” in NYC.

We’d talk about the clothes, but that chin is frightening us. We’re pretty sure it’s gaining sentience.

Y’know, we wanted to like this outfit, but it’s not really doing it for us. Way too many competing blacks and that CPO jacket looks like early ’90s waiting room upholstery. Don’t even get us started on the Sans-a-belt slacks. We just wrote a sentence detailing what we’d do to improve this look and it wasn’t until we got to the end of it that we realized all of our suggestions would result in him not wearing anything he’s wearing in the above pictures, except the gloves. And even then…

Rob, this is sad. You’re still quite handsome. And while we applaud anyone who hits their upper 40s with the knowledge that they can’t dress exactly as they did 25 years before, there’s no need for you to rush headlong into “middle-aged mafia dude.”


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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