PR All Stars: The Smell of Bacon

Posted on January 20, 2012

Yeah, that was about the same expression we had on our faces for the whole hour too.

As we said in the T LOunge last night, we are long-time Muppet-philes, make no mistake. And in all seriousness, Miss Piggy’s image is a fairly iconic one and has been dressed by a lot of big-name designers and shot by big-name photographers. In terms of the amount of imagery and exposure, as well as the sheer volume of couture she’s worn, on some level she makes a better inspiration for the designers than a dozen other “Make a dress for this C-List actress” challenges.

But here’s our problem with the way this challenge was framed: everyone was clearly ordered to treat Miss Piggy like a real person, which led to some utterly bizarre declarations like, “I think she’ll be comfortable in this.”  SHE’S MADE OUT OF FOAM AND FELT. She’s had a hand jammed up her ass for 35 years now with nary a complaint. We think issues of comfort can be safely disregarded.

To our way of thinking, this would have been a far more interesting challenge (and we’ll say it: less insulting to our intelligence) if the designers had been encouraged to tackle it in a real-world way. What will fit the shape of her body? What issues should be addressed with a client whose head is proportionally about twice the size of a normal woman’s and who has no shoulders? What will work best in photographs? What will get in the way of the puppeteer? And then take all those questions and address them, while at the same time making a dress that a human model can wear and look good in. We would have LOVED that challenge.

Instead we got a cringe-inducing (and seemingly endless) attempt at a comedy bit. Bitches, please.

We have a feeling this is why Mizrahi wasn’t there and if that’s true, our respect for him just went up a couple notches.

So congrats, Michael! To our way of thinking, there was a shortlist of people who should have nailed this and they were all, oddly, men: Mondo, Michael, Austin, Anthony and Rami, all of whom have a good handle on fantasy-based fashion and a sense of drama. We weren’t surprised he won it, but we were surprised how off the mark some of the other guys were.

This works because it’s not what you think of when you think of Miss Piggy, but as soon as you say it, you can see her wearing it.

To be fair, we don’t think all those loops on the front would work at all if the dress was scaled down to fit her shape. And we think the hat might be a bit much (although perfectly Piggy). But this works better than pretty much every dress offered because it captures her personality quite well and would look pretty great on her.

Oh, and we know he just picked them off the wall and Anthony used them last week, but pairing the leather opera gloves with it was a chic little way to update the classic Miss Piggy look.

And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Gordana once again. Can’t say we disagree with the choice this time.

This was kind of drab and shapeless, looking more like a slightly frillier than normal nightie than a dress to be worn to a film premiere by a puppet. Besides, in our minds, anyone who defaulted to pink with this challenge should automatically get a point or two taken off just for being so predictable. Piggy moved past the iconic pinks and pastels a good 25 years ago. We can see a dress like this looking good on someone else and with some serious styling but for this challenge, it was a particularly poor response.

It’s only going to get harder, watching people go home. Normally at this point the people going home barely got any screentime, but we have history with every one of the designers, so it makes for a more poignant show in some ways.


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