PR All Stars: Strings of My Heart

Posted on January 10, 2012

Is Michael Costello going to pull a whiner every time someone picks a similar material to his? How many people had potscrubbers in their outfits this week? You didn’t hear any of them freaking out over it.

Then again, the boy had a bit of a point, because he and April both made gowns entirely out of the same type of mop head, so it was going to be all but impossible for comparisons not to be made.

So let’s make comparisons!




They both did semi-decent jobs with the material. But they both should have considered using the material more sparingly. In April’s case, we think the gown looks more modern. We also commend her for giving the top of the dress a shape, stiff and away from the body a bit. It gives the dress a structure and slight edginess.

Michael Costello

He used some other material to show through under the strings and we think that was the start of a good idea. As we said, both of them should have utilized different elements in their design, but at least Michael’s wasn’t entirely string, even if it looked like it at first glance. The other thing we like here is that he made the attempt to make a shape out of the strings. April’s looks more haphazard, but Michael’s has a meticulousness to it. Unfortunately, it’s not the most modern or freshest shape.

We’d say they both did about equally well. In fact, we’re thinking their numerical scores must have been extremely close.


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