PR All Stars: Runners-Up

Posted on January 13, 2012


Oh, did Lorenzo seethe when Michael’s dress got praised by the judges.

When “Kim Kardashian at the Opera” and “It’s just enough Vegas” got thrown out as compliments by Isaac, he’d had enough. “I DON’T THINK,” he thundered at Tom and 3 startled cats, “most people looking for an opera gown are throwing around the words ‘VEGAS’ and ‘KARDASHIAN!!!!!!”

Later, when Badgley and Mischka said they hadn’t seen anything like it in a long time, he could only work up a feeble, “Maybe they need to start attending some fashion shows” mutter.

Credit where it’s due: it’s a dramatic, unique gown. You can’t say it’s un- or under-designed and you can’t say it’s just standard.

The most interesting part was the treatment at the neck of course. Dramatic, but we didn’t love it as much as the judges because it really swallows her neck and takes the focus away from her face.


And we thought the back of it was tacky.


The dress is dramatic, and would work very well on a red carpet, on the right kind of gal, even if portions of it aren’t to our taste. What set Lorenzo off (if it wasn’t obvious) – and Tom agrees – is that this is not what one thinks of when one thinks of an opera gown. It’s just not. It’s loud, sexy, and attention-seeking and that’s just not the brief. Otherwise, why call it an opera gown at all if you’re going to use such a broad definition that it could encompass something like this, which has more than a whiff of showgirl about it?

To be clear: there’s a lot about the dress we like, but it’s silly for a bunch of people in the fashion industry to praise this as an opera gown.






We can’t even.


Words have failed us.

We think it was time for Sweet Pea to go, but April can count herself among the luckiest of the bottom 3 survivors ever seen on this show. This was truly disastrous and seems to have come out of a need on her part to go against the judges’ expectations. Frankly, we have no idea why so many of the designers seem hung up on what a bunch of other judges said about their work. Not that there weren’t good critiques made at the time, but they’re facing an entirely new set of judges. Let go of the past, All-Stars. It’s going to trip you up if you don’t.


There’s little else to be said about the dress. The dyeing was a terrible idea, the choice of fabrics was bad, and it was an over-worked mess. Ironically, these are similar to a lot of the criticisms she’s gotten in the past. The complaints weren’t just that your clothes were black, April. They were about your need to edit and focus, more than anything.



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