PR All Stars: Potscrubbers and Wine Bottles

Posted on January 23, 2012


We don’t get it.


Why was this outfit getting any praise at all? It barely works on a human body – even the rarefied bodies of models. The skirt’s okay, but the bustline is just odd-looking and we can’t imagine it working on a puppet that has neither shoulders nor breasts. Nor do we think that skirt would work on a figure that doesn’t have a waist. The fabric choice felt like a bit of a cliche, not to mention way too heavy for this dress. Don’t even get us started on that potscrubber in her hair. When it comes right down to it, this looks fairly ridiculous on a person, but it would look even more ridiculous on a pig puppet. It makes no sense to us that Mila’s was on the bottom and this thing was on the top.



We REALLY don’t get this one, either.

Oh, we get why it wound up on the bottom; no arguments on that front. What we don’t get is how Austin, of all people, wound up making THIS for Miss Piggy. Like we said earlier, he’s one of the few designers in the group who have a handle on fantasy-based clothing (not to mention a finely tuned sense of camp). Then, of course, there’s this:


So we’re obviously talking about someone who loves the muppets. So why on earth did he design a dress with a big quilted wine bottle on the front of it? Nothing about this dress says “Miss Piggy” to us, from the shape, to the style to the color choices to his hiddy hip bows. Worst of all, it’s all so tortured and over-worked. This was a problem with his entries in Season 1, it has to be noted. When he edits himself a bit and tones down his more outré impulses, he can produce the dreamiest of fashion confections, but when he ignores his pitfalls, this is the result. Get it together, girl. We want you in the Top 3.

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