PR All Stars: Possible Shouldabins

Posted on January 06, 2012

Like we said, we’re okay with the way the judging shook out, but it’s a bit to the show’s credit that there were other entries equally as worthy of consideration for both the win and the Auf. Should we continue calling it an Auf when there’s no German to be heard anywhere in this version of the show? Anyway, our point is, a lot of people thought Mondo shouldabin the winner and Sweet Pea shouldabin sent home. Walk with us.

Never change, you little Mexi-pixie.

Also, we’ll take a hot fudge sundae and a banana split over here.

Gotta say, when people argue this should have won, we don’t really have much of a rebuttal. It was a close call and we would have been fine with either Mondo or Rami winning it.

Two things stick out for us here: His execution is superb for the most part and he seems to be making an effort to tone down the more wild and clownish aspects of his aesthetic, much the same way Rami seems to be making the effort to move away from draping. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the two entries which seem to most be addressing past critiques and expectations are the best two entries.

Not to be mean, but when it came down to Sweet Pea and Elisa, we said of the former, “Hasn’t she had enough chances?” After all, this is her second All-Stars appearance.

And sure, Elisa’s was bad in a lot of ways and clearly not what the judges were looking for, this was arguably equally as bad and it suffered from something Elisa’s didn’t: a lack of imagination.

Regardless of how ugly this garment is – and it is quite ugly – the fact the she just stitched a bunch of towels together indicates a distinct lack of imagination and creativity. Nevermind that she didn’t even stitch them together all that well and then used ugly belts in an equally unimaginative way.

The whole thing was just plain hideous and when she admitted she’d never wear a dress like this, we thought she was a goner. Say what you will about Elisa, she’d never make something she’d never wear.
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