PR All Stars: Odd Dresses

Posted on January 17, 2012

All three of these dresses had their good points – they were all impeccably made, for instance – but they were each odd in their own way.


Interesting, but odd.

There’s WAY too much going on up top.


And those utterly bizarre sheer panels in the skirt are … well, utterly bizarre. We don’t like to play the “What woman would?” game, but we must: What woman would want a skirt that gives the illusion it’s a pair of granny panties?


The shape and colors are very pretty, but we suspect Gordana just piled on the design elements willy-nilly to make it look more interesting.



VERY odd dress. In fact, one of the oddest this week.

We credit him for picking a really beautiful and tasteful fabric, and we appreciate how well the dress appears to be made, but that’s about it as far as compliments.  Her boobs look like a couple of unraveling shower puffs, what with all the tulle. And that really odd panel of black extending down beneath them makes them look like Mickey Mouse ears.


In addition, this dress is such a bizarre shape. We’re pretty sure a woman carrying triplets in her 9th month could slip this on with no alterations.



The only thing that’s odd about this dress is that Kenley made it. If you’d asked us who had without telling us, we would have guessed Austin or Mondo.

Design-wise, it’s pretty basic and it’s a dress we’ve all seen before. But she executed it impeccably and in the end, it’s just a really soft, pretty, feminine dress (which is why it doesn’t look like Kenley to us, since her work has a little bit more of an edge to it). It doesn’t win you challenges, but we imagine a lot of young ladies would love to try this dress on. Yes, it’s very Barbie, but the paleness of it helps mitigate that and we really love the way she designed that bodice, which gives it just enough interest to keep it from looking like mere doll clothes.

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