PR All Stars: Little Black Dresses for a Little Pink Pig

Posted on January 25, 2012


This might be the best thing Anthony’s ever done on the show. Seriously.

We think the feathers might be a bit too heavily applied and the skirt just slightly overworked,  but this is one of the few times Anthony’s sent something out that looks like it could be walking a current runway. It’s an impressively made dress with quite a bit of style to it, but it really had nothing to do with Piggy at all. While it’s true she could wear a huge range of styles, we think this dress would be lost on her once you scale it down. A great dress for an actual human girl, though.



We like April’s style for the most part, but it’s very specific and not always adaptable to the crazy challenges on Project Runway.  We give her credit for trying to adapt her style to Miss Piggy, but it didn’t work.

We think the proportions are slightly off here – waist AND hem are both too high. The result gives her long legs, but makes her torso look freakishly short, which is absolutely the wrong way to go with Miss Piggy. She’s nothing but torso. And while we appreciate the attempt to make it look lighter and more whimsical with the polka dots and feathers, it doesn’t quite get there. It’s halfway between a flirty dress and April’s darker aesthetic, which is an odd place for a dress to be.  It just doesn’t look Piggy to us at all.



Take away the gloves and the too-literal styling and this is in interesting look, even if the proportions look a little off.

We don’t mind the high waist, but the straps are too thick and make her bust look small. It doesn’t really strike us as a Piggy dress, but we could see how it might be adaptable to her with some adjustments. But again, scaled down, this dress is going to lose most of whatever interest it might have.

DONE! 367 Miss Piggy dresses assessed in less than one week!

Wait. It was only eleven dresses? Really?


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