PR All Stars: Kenley & Rami

Posted on January 31, 2012


Here’s the thing about Kenley, from our perspective: She makes very, very good clothes.


In fact, she makes the kinds of clothes that would fly off a rack. What she doesn’t make, as far as we’re concerned, is very interesting clothes from a design perspective. Put short:

This dress? On a mannequin in a department store? T Lo reaction: “Oh, Em, Gee, that’s ADORABLE! Go try it on! Right now! Yes, we’ll hold your purse.”

This dress? In a design competition? T Lo reaction: “Yawn.”

There’s not a thing she did wrong here, as far as we’re concerned. It’s a cute little dress and it fits the requirements of the challenge. It might have been nice to see this in the Top 3, just so the judges can point out that a dress like this, at a reasonable price point, would sell like bagels. But design? Naah. We no see it. You could find a dress at Target or Kohl’s that looks exactly like this.


Rami, we never thought we’d say this to you, but we’re begging here: return to the draping that made you famous. Because you’re tying yourself in knots trying to upend the judges’ expectations.


We like the judging on this show for the most part, but we can’t help thinking that Nina and Michael would have not-so-gently told him by now to get over the past criticisms and just do what you do best. This is a tortured mess of a garment and it doesn’t look a thing like Rami. Worse than all the overworked aspects here (Cutouts at the shoulders? Really?) is the fact that these greens clash pretty badly with each other. When a designer can’t even get color-matching right, you know they’re drowning. We’re a bit worried about our Palestinian Muscle Mary. Get it together, Rami. We want to see you drape that motherfucker, boy.


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