PR All Stars: If we see one more pink dress…

Posted on January 24, 2012

We’re so ready to be done talking about Miss Piggy dresses, but we still have THREE more to go after this post. Hold us, kittens.


No memory of this dress at all. None whatsoever. Clearly, we blocked it from our memories because it was too traumatic.

Hideous. How was this not in the Bottom 3? Gordana’s was worse than this? Really?

Has Jerrell never heard of Miss Piggy? Never saw a picture of her? Because her “style” really isn’t that hard to discern and this is nowhere near it. Not even on the same continent. Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s Piggy.

That sounded a little dirty.





On the one hand, it’s refreshing that he’s not weighed down by past criticisms. On the other hand, maybe he should be. This was always the problem with Mondo. He makes exciting, eye-catching clothes, but they quite often tip over into drag queen territory, especially when he’s given free rein to style them. You would think such a quality would work in his favor for a challenge like this, but somehow he wound up with this odd look. It’s true that the hairstyle and hooker shoes are two of the worst aspects here, but even with better styling, this wouldn’t be a Piggy dress. How would those cap sleeves work on someone with no shoulders? And what’s with the weird triangles around the hem? Why make anything interesting at the hem at all, since it’s likely it wouldn’t be seen? With Miss Piggy, the drama needs to be up top, which is part of the reason why Michael won.


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