PR All Stars: Getting Piggy With It

Posted on January 20, 2012

We thought this was a spectacular effort on Rami’s part and perfectly in line with what the challenge was asking for.

We also have to say once again how truly refreshing it is to see a bunch of fairly well made to impeccably well made clothes each week. We have critiques, as we always do, but there’s no doubt we’re dealing with All-Stars.

The thing is, this looks like a Miss Piggy dress. As in, if some starlet was wearing this on the red carpet and we were writing about it, we’d almost certainly go for the “She looks like Miss Piggy!” joke. In some respects, that’s a huge mark in its favor, but we did feel, and we think the judges agreed, that it was all somewhat expected. Fun and appropriate, but not challenge-winning necessarily.


Mila clearly had a bug up her ass this week and in a way, we can’t blame her. You can expect to have to deal with a lot of frustrating and even humiliating things on Project Runway, but we doubt she was expecting having to talk to a puppet with a straight face.

And maybe that attitude made her a little defiant in her choices. It’s interesting to note that she’s not one of the designers second-guessing herself due to past criticisms, like so many of the All-Stars. She was criticized in her season for making too many mod, black and white, color-blocked pieces and she’s defiantly doing the same thing all over again, whether the challenge warrants it or not.

We think this is a great look. We also think the judges were a bit too harsh on this look. Miss Piggy has worn and been photographed in clothing of practically every style and from practically every decade of the last 100 or so years. There’s no reason she couldn’t rock the shit out of a big-haired ’60s mod look like this. The problem is this isn’t really what you think of when you think of Miss Piggy. Clearly the challenge here was finding a look that suited her without being cliche about it and without forcing the judges to use their imaginations too much. They wanted a simple, clear, modern style that reminded them of classic PiggyWear and this wasn’t it.


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