PR All Stars: Feh.

Posted on January 27, 2012

Last week it was muppets, this week everyone gets an ice cream cone. Before this season’s out the finalists will all be in diapers at the rate they’re going.


Enh. It was just another “make a pretty dress” challenge, just as we thought. The only twists being that they were locked into certain colors and they only had 6 hours to do it. Neither of these twists made for more interesting garments. Exactly the opposite, in fact.


So congratulations Michael. We can’t get behind this one at all because we think this dress looks utterly ridiculous.

It’s a drag queen’s nightgown; both the shape and the color of it being decades out of style. Pure Alexis Carrington.


But it was impeccably executed and Miranda Kerr decided at the last minute that breastfeeding was a consideration (even though she also admitted that she’d never wear this dress) and that’s enough to give Michael the win again.


We were all kinds of upset over this win but when it comes right down to it, we couldn’t really pick anyone else who was more deserving. The results this week were pretty bad straight down the line (which is to be expected when you only have 6 hours). No one really did anything significantly better than this, unfortunately. It was a win by default. Bleh. That’s the worst kind of Project Runway episode.


And it’s a second goodbye to April. We think she’s talented, but we can’t argue with this schmauf.

The one thing this dress had going for it was the interesting way she came up with that color through layering.

The neckline is odd…

… but it’s even odder when it’s repeated on the back.

It was just another slightly raggedy, high-waisted strapless cocktail dress from April. We think it’s safe to say that every designer this week simply pulled a dress out of their trickbag. What else could they do, given the time constraints? But April’s was one we’ve seen many times before from her.

Feh. Do we sound cranky? Well we are. We just got finished saying what a joy this season is because the level of talent is high and the execution of the garments is perfect. So what do they do? Devise a challenge where execution and talent aren’t as important as simply getting something done in the allotted time, awarding the win to a lackluster dress the judge admitted she’d never wear.



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