PR All Stars: Feh, Part 2.

Posted on January 27, 2012


This is something Carol Burnett would have worn when she was taking questions from the audience, which makes it pretty perfectly Mondo, in a lot of ways.


It’s fun in a campy, retro-’70s “Ethel Merman sings disco” kind of way, but it’s nothing to get excited about; not really.  There’s nothing really sexy or stylish about it and the color choices strike us as way too literal. It’s well made and it’s striking, but it’s so far away from current fashion that it’s more of a costume.

And speaking of literal …


We’re not sure why Mondo got praised for being so literal (“This could be on the cover of Cantaloupe magazine!” gushed Diane) while Kara’s choices were criticized for being too literal.


We can’t understand why Kara picked the chocolate cayenne flavor, Whoops, we forgot she went last and had no choice. A shame, because brown and red can be pretty dreary when they’re paired together in a dress.


Ignoring the colors, the shape of this thing is a just odd and unflattering. She clearly pulled this one out of her trickbag, since an almost-identical look walked the runway 6 years go in her decoy collection at Bryant Park. We’ve noticed that about quite a bit of her work this season: it’s too close to some of her pieces when she competed in Season 2. Knowing Kara, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. She’s back in the world of Project Runway and unconsciously reliving certain things on an aesthetic level. The problem with that is – and it’s going to bite her in the ass – these looks don’t look current anymore. A ruffled babydoll skirt was fine in 2005 but it looks terribly dated in 2012.


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