PR All Stars: Bringing up the Rear

Posted on January 11, 2012

Home stretch, darlings! Don’t falter now! If we can do it, so can you.




Actually, you know what’s kind of refreshing about this look? There’s none of that “Oh, I don’t want to be the draping guy” or “I don’t want to be known for just flamboyant clothes” second-guessing going on with Anthony. No sir. He got auf’d for taste issues and one too many dresses that looked, well, exactly like this one? Big ol’ shrug. It’s full steam ahead and who cares about the past? Anthony has some gold safety pins to get to, now get out of his way.

Miss Sophia, we love you and we’ll be happy to pass you those peas, but first we have to tell you that this is a tacky mess. Although admirably well made, considering a strong sneeze would have it in shreds on the floor.



We hope you all appreciate how difficult it is to be bitchy about the work of people with whom we’ve had cocktails. Recognize; that’s all we’re saying.

Anyway, we adore Kara but the second this came out, we both agreed: “Dated.” Not a bad attempt at unconventional material use (because we have no idea what it is she used), but it sort of looks like something you’d see from, perhaps not coincidentally, season 1 or 2 of Project Runway. Don’t love the color of the bodice or the high waist on the skirt. The proportions are a little off.



Y’know, there was a time in our PR blogging where we might have gleefully spouted … we don’t know … Star Trek jokes about this look. But after the last couple of seasons, which were an endless marathon of mid-level talent and uninteresting clothes, we can only applaud not only the impressive technical skill, but also the point of view and creativity on display. It’s not another little strapless cocktail dress with a well-placed ruffle, nor is it a half-assed mess or attention-seeking clown clothes (although others may disagree on the latter point). It’s real, honest-to-Coco fashion design and it’s been sorely lacking or in short supply for a while now in the world of Project Runway.

We’re not fans of uneven hems and we don’t love it here, but we do love the rest of that dress. The leggings are so unusual that we have to give them major props, even if they’re not entirely to our liking.

And yes, we’ll get to that 24-Hour Catwalk dog-and-pony show soon, darlings.
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