PR All Stars: A Night at the Opera

Posted on January 13, 2012

A drama-free episode (mostly) full of interesting, discussable garments at the end, with one or two really stunning ones.

Darlings, how in the hell do we recap THAT? We’re so out of practice! For the last several seasons, it’s been all about drama, characters, and dead family members! A Project Runway with the focus on the clothes? Pfft. It’ll never work!

There was a little bit of drama with Kara and her daily meltdown occurring on schedule, but she pretty much pulled it together without screaming at her fellow designers and stomping out of the workroom in a rage.

Michael offered up a small plate of drama because he’s apparently under the impression that he invented red. But he course-corrected instead of locking himself in the bathroom and crying for half a day. Honestly, what are we supposed to do with these people if they don’t accuse each other of cheating every 3 minutes?

Because the gays keep asking for pics. There you go, gays.

So congratulations, Austin!

Lorenzo was singing this dress’s praises from the second it walked out. Tom had to be convinced, since he partially agreed with Mila that there was something a little basic about the design.

In addition, Tom thinks the tulle looks unresolved, as they say. Like it was shoved in place at the last second.

But the overall effect is quite stunning and chic, in addition to being very tasteful. We think several of the designers thought a dress for the opera is the same thing as a red carpet dress but it’s not. Austin understood the venue and the potential clientele very well. The goal is to make the wearer beautiful and well-appointed, but it’s not necessarily to turn every head in the room by wearing something attention-seeking. Granted, it’s head-to-toe gold lame and that’s not exactly subtle, but he rendered it all in a very chic but understated way.

And it was cute how thrilled he was. It would have been bad for him had he not aced it, since he’s clearly the “gown for the opera” designer among the group.


And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Sweet Pea.

Could there be any question? Really? We think, away from the show, Sweet Pea is a talented designer.

But we also think no designer in the history of the show has gotten as many second chances as she has – especially when she has always consistently scored low, if not in the bottom. It looks to us like reality TV is not the best showcase for her talents, so we’re puzzled as to why she keeps returning to it, only to be kicked off again.

We’re sorry, but just about everything here was hideous. The judges tried to claim it was more suitable for some sort of day event, but we detected a whiff of crack when they said that. This top is uneven, badly executed, unattractive, and looks like the top to a very old bathing suit.

We can’t even with that fabric choice. Ugly as sin. Like poly blend sheets from the seventies.

And to top it off, the shape was such an odd choice. The silhouette was more akin to a Korean hanbok, which could have been interesting if it had been a conscious choice and if it was appropriate for the challenge. She just seemed to stumble onto this shape and didn’t know what to do with it.

She seems very nice, and we wish her well, but like Austin’s win, sending her home was absolutely the right choice. Time to go, honey. You’ve had enough shots at it.


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