Pairs Division: McAdams & Tatum

Posted on January 24, 2012

We really wanted to just feature Rachel’s look as an “In or Out” post because we didn’t feel like writing another Pairs Division today. Once you tackle Madonna, you’re pretty much tapped out for the day on scoring red carpet looks.

But then we realized that we were kinda being hypocrites because he deserves a little positive reinforcement, given the bitching we normally do about sloppy boystars.


Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams at the ‘The Vow’ Germany Photocall. Rachel McAdams wears a Collette Dinnigan dress.

Collette Dinnigan Spring 2012 Collection

HE: Gets major props from us – and not because Lorenzo’s head is surrounded by little popping hearts, Sally Brown-style, every time he looks at him. We’re always ragging on the guys for their usually horrible dressing for photocalls. The general thinking seems to be that showing up looking like you’ll be doing yardwork in the near future is totally acceptable, even if your female co-star is in full hair and makeup, heels, push-up bra, and a $2,000 dress. He’s really put together here and while the outfit isn’t the least bit exciting (and still more casual than hers), he put the effort in and the clothes really suit him. He’s wearing dress pants and dress shoes to a photocall and he’s not Colin Firth. Do you realize how rare that is? Score: 8/10. As we said, he’s still more casual than she is. A shirt with a collar would have had them at about the same level.

SHE: Is wearing a dress that we should be complaining about but we mostly won’t. Long-time kittens know about our issues with outfits that match the skin tone and this one matches hers almost exactly – and her hair, for that matter. Seriously, Rachel. Go back to the chestnut brown that suited you so much better. Anyway, there’s enough overlay here to give the dress some contrast, and while our desperate need to break things off with black lace for good is growing with every day, we’re thinking it works pretty well here against her pale coloring. The shoes are standard, but give the look a classic feel; the hair is pretty, but should be brown; and the makeup is soft, but she needs a stronger lip color. Some delicate and low-key piece of jewelry around her neck would have been nice too.  Score: 8.5/10. Hair color, girl. Seriously.

Combined Score: 8.25/10. Not bad at all. See what happens when the guy puts a little effort in?

Oh, by the way, the premise of their movie looks pretty laughably bad, but they look like they might have real chemistry together, unlike that one he did with Amanda Seyfried, where their interactions looked like two strangers talking at a bus stop. Granted, this is all based on trailers and commercials. We’re not the audience for these films, clearly.


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