Pairs Division: Fergie and Duhamel

Posted on January 02, 2012

Darlings, those pain-in-the-ass celebrities all seem to have gone into hibernation over the holidays. Even the New Year’s Eve party step-and-repeats were awash in D-listers dressed like homeless people. Thankfully Josh and Ferg loathed the idea of a quiet, intimate NYE and hit the town, looking extremely lop-sided.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel attend New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas. Fergie is wearing a Nicolas Jebran dress.

Nicolas Jebran Fall 2011 Couture Collection


HE: Is getting just a tad long in the tooth for the New Romantic/British schoolboy pastiche he’s trying for here. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. It’s not that he’s too old for this look; it’s that he has no edge to him whatsoever. In looks and style, he’s the typically blandly good-looking white guy. This look isn’t edgy so much on its own anymore as it needs someone with a little edge to make it work. Try as he might to convince the world otherwise, Josh just isn’t that rock and roll. On a more practical level, he’s too tall and too long in the torso for the untucked shirt and skinny tie, which are giving him downright Na’vi proportions. Also, the pants look cheap (which is what always happens when you pair matte and shiny black pieces) and the shoes look more appropriate for a job interview. Score: 5/10. This is us being generous because we doubt there was much stylist input on this one.

SHE: Had a moment of frantic desperation when she realized, however unlikely the thought may be, that she didn’t have anything to wear for New Year’s Eve and scraped up a strip of her bathroom floor and wrapped it around herself. It’s actually not a bad dress at all, but boy, does it ever look heavy on her. She has a tendency to wear heavy-looking items, which aren’t always in her best interests since she’s short and curvy. It’s good that the silhouette is so simple. We’re pleasantly surprised at the relative lightness of her shoes (which also tend to be of the “15 lbs. a piece” variety). Makeup and hair is uncharacteristically soft, clean and pretty. We have to admit, she styled herself pretty well here, mitigating the heaviness of the dress by keeping things pretty simple.  Score: 8/10.

Combined score: 6.5/10, which is a shame, because she really got this one right. Hit him, Fergs.

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