In or Out: Michelle WIlliams in Jason Wu

Posted on January 13, 2012

One common criticism we hear about Michelle’s style choices is that she defaults to the too-precious looks way too often. We mostly like her style and we think she’s working looks that suit her quite well, but we can agree that there are times she gets a little too “Hipster Alice in Wonderland” or Pixie Dream Girl (without the Manic part) for our tastes.

We thought this made for a nice change of pace, however.

Michelle Williams attends  a lunch event  in honor of “My Week With Marilyn” in Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012.

That shade of red’s not something we’ve seen on her before. It suits her. We think there’s a fun, retro-Parisian chic feel to the outfit and we like a lot of the details, like the mismatched stripes and the pockets. On the other hand, it’s very color-coordinated from head to toe and that kind of thing irritates us, especially when you’re talking about one color, plus a neutral. And there may be “detailing overload” for such a simple outfit; namely, we could have done without the bows on the shoes, which tend to tip this outfit dangerously close back to “precious” territory. Still, it’s sharp in a lot of ways, and something slightly unexpected. Our minions are urged to spew opinions.

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IN! Pretty, chic, and unexpected!

OUT! Nope. Still twee as fuck.


The kittens mostly agreed with our criticisms of Queen Latifah’s dress, but voted her IN anyway. You guys.

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