Lindsay Lohan for Philipp Plein

Posted on January 12, 2012

Barely-walking disaster Lindsay Lohan picks up some cash by giving face for the Philipp Plein Spring 2012 ad campaign.

It’s not bad. The clothes suit her, even if they’re not to our taste (to be charitable about it) and she seemed to be able to pull it together long enough for a couple of decent pictures to get taken. Still, there’s no denying certain elephants in the room, like the fact that she still, with Photoshop and good lighting, looks like she’s in her forties; the fact that she’s draping herself all over unresponsive and slightly sinister men, which is disturbing, given her history; or the fact that we wonder what kind of person out there is inspired to buy these clothes because this poor wreck of a girl is wearing them.

Sorry to be such downers, but let’s face it: EVERYONE thinks some variation of these thoughts looking at these pictures. It’s a big reason why she was hired; to provide the notoriety. We just hope whatever money she made off it doesn’t go up her nose.


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