Jessica Brown-Findlay at the “Warhorse” Premiere

Posted on January 10, 2012

Oh dear. Lady Sybil doesn’t quite know how to dress herself without help.

Jessica Brown Findlay attends the premiere of “War Horse” in London.

We chose these pictures because she looks pretty and because the Downton-philes are a rather large group of kittens and they just can’t seem to shut up about the show. But the more we looked at her here, the more we realized she looks pretty because she is pretty, not because she’s dressed well.

The red is a pretty color on her, but she’s 22 and this dress is pretty frumpy for someone so young. You’re a hot young actress having a fantastic year because your TV show is an international hit and now you’re at the premiere of a Spielberg film. A perfect time to dress like a Sunday School teacher, amirite? And if the sort of pretty/frumpy dress wasn’t sending enough mixed signals, this little English teacup of a girl is sporting a pair of ho shoes that look like they belong to Cleopatra Jones. Sweetie, if you can’t afford a ladies maid, a stylist is the way to go, because neither of them would ever have let you leave the house sporting a pair of shoes that look like they belong in a bin at the Goodwill or on someone in an overnight holding cell.

[Photo Credit: Tim Whitby/Getty Images, Landmark/PR Photos]

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