In or Out: Katherine Heigl in Hervé L. Leroux

Posted on January 25, 2012

We’re ready to offer our services to Katherine. We don’t normally put it out there like that, but this was such a missed opportunity for her that we fear she requires an intervention.


Katherine Heigl attends the “One for the Money” premiere in New York City in an orange asymmetric Hervé L. Leroux gown paired with Sethi Couture earrings.

If she just looked like crap, we’d be all, “She looks like crap!” and leave it at that. But this is half of a good idea. The dress is simple, but it’s dramatic as hell (even if it’s too tight in the bust). So what’s the problem? Everything north of the neck. We think it’s fair to say that she’s sporting DIY hair and makeup. We hope she is. Because if she paid someone to do that, we can tell her she could have gotten the same effect for free by sampling eyeshadows and lipsticks at a makeup counter. And is it a trick of the light or does it look like she just stopped with the lipstick halfway through applying it? The left side of her mouth just sort of … peters out. Basically, she looks like she got a phone call halfway through her makeup routine.

No, what she needed here was full-on drag queen glitter face. That’s a dramatic dress and it requires dramatic hair and face to go with it. You picked a good dress, girl, but you didn’t stick the dismount.


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IN! She looks great! WOMEN AREN’T DRAG QUEENS, you gays! I mean “guys!” “You GUYS!”

OUT! Drag it up, girl! You’re a movie star, aren’t you?


Naya Rivera’s disco spa wrap got a near-unanimous OUT from the B.K.s.

[Photo Credit: Donna Ward/Getty Images]

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