In or Out: Julie Bowen in Naeem Khan

Posted on January 11, 2012

It seems the only time we ever pay attention to Julie Bowen is when she’s in a much bigger red carpet lineup, like an awards show. We don’t mean to spare her from our laser-precise bitchery; it’s just that you can always expect her to dress in either black, gold, or white, usually in a sheath dress, with her hair pulled back kind of severely and not a lot of jewelry. It’s very much a standard Hollywood look, but from a style perspective, it’s a little boring. And there are only so many ways you can tell someone to stop wearing tight ponytails and stop exposing their sternum.

So when we were skimming the wires and these pics popped up, we both said out loud “Oh!” as if something really shocking had happened when all that happened is Julie sported a different style of dress and hair.

That’s enough for us. Come on out here, Julie, so the crowd can get a good look at you.


Julie Bowen in Naeem KhanJulie Bowman at Audi Celebrates The 2012 Golden Globe Awards in West Hollywood, California in Naeem Khan.

Naeem Khan Spring 2012 CollectionNaeem Khan Spring 2012 Collection

Julie Bowen in Naeem Khan

Julie Bowen in Naeem Khan

Julie Bowen in Naeem Khan

We LOVE this dress. We HATE this dress on her. What did they DO to it? Why is it all yanked up and tied off at the shoulder like that? It’s making that stunning dress look like an overstretched Hefty bag on trash day. Seriously, what is that shower puff doing on her shoulder? It actually looks like the dress is pulling away from her, like at any moment it’ll break free and fly all over the room like a popped balloon. At first we thought the dress looked so odd on her because of some sort of fit issue, but it doesn’t really look like there’s a problem there. It’s just weirdly … arranged, we guess is the word – on her body, and it all looks quite askew.

In other news, her hair and makeup are really soft and pretty and that’s a good thing. She was working a Hollywood Fembot look for way too long. She looks like a real (albeit real pretty and real thin) person for once. We do think the hair’s a bit casual-looking and she could have mitigated that with some more sparkle on the ears.

We just wish we could figure out why the dress looks so different on her. She’s as thin as a model herself so that’s not it. Either way, adjustments were made and they shouldn’t have been. Minions make the call:

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IN! Soft, pretty and striking, I have NO IDEA what you’re bitching about, T Lo!

OUT! Girl, yank that thing back into shape or go find a dress that looks good on you!


Mila Kunis’ unfortunate dress that looked like it was pieced together from Prince’s scrap basket has been voted OUT by the kittens who are bitter.

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