Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet – The Boys

Posted on January 16, 2012

The boys are boring. There are only so many ways you can point out a mismatched tie or pants that need hemming. But for you darlings, we’ll do our best.


Bradley Cooper

Cutest we’ve ever seen him look. Excellent hemming.


Channing Tatum

Any guy who could easily get away with the meathead look gets props from us for going the classic gentleman route.


Chris Colfer



Clive Owen

Those pants look kind of huge.


Colin Firth

Perfection. As always.


Damian Lewis

For fuck’s sake, you’re in a tuxedo at a formal event. Button your jacket, get your hands out of your pocket and wear an undershirt next time.


Ewan McGregor (and Eve Mavrakis)

Totally digging those skinny lapels.


George Clooney

Widdle Georgie won a prize.

It’s safe to say there will be no more growth spurts in your future, George. Hem the pants.


Gerard Butler

Never before has one man gone from wet dream for millions to scary mountain man so completely and so quickly.


Idris Elba


We like the tux too.


Jean Dujardin

For once we’re going to tell a guy to get his hem lengthened.


Jeremy Irvine

Love the piping on the jacket.

Get your damn hands out of your pockets.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson

A little too Liberace for us.


Kevin McHale



Leonardo DiCaprio

Who is dressing these men? What tailor or stylist is letting them leave the house with 5 inches of fabric puddling around their ankles? For shame, Hollywood gays. You shouldn’t be letting this happen.


Mark Salling

Nicely done.



Mark Wahlberg

We’re gagging on douche fumes.


Matthew LeBlanc

We’re not big fans of colored tuxes and we don’t like the way the tie almost-but-not-quite matches, but we have to admit this is a great color.


Matthew Morrison

Looks good.


Michael Fassbender

Looks like he swam through an oil slick to get here.


Peter Dinklage

This is one man whose hem length will go un-criticized by us, but how damning is it that his hem is actually better than about 80 percent of the rest of the men in attendance? Kudos to his tailor, because the tux fits him like a dream.


Viggo Mortensen

That sound you hear is millions of Aragorn fantasies coming crashing to earth at the same time. He looks like an insurance salesman.


Zachary Levi

Again with the blue tux. We tend to think this one looks a little Jerry Lewis, though. That could be a good or bad thing depending on how much you like Jerry Lewis, we suppose.


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