Glee at the Fox All-Star Party

Posted on January 10, 2012

Darlings, most of the cast of Glee stopped their dancing and singing long enough to get dressed up (or rather “dressed” “up”) for the Fox All-Star Party. Let’s ignore the ugly backdrop that looks like every ’70s kitchen floor and see how they did.

Chord Overstreet

 This look is pretty close to becoming a uniform, so prevalent is it among male celebs under 25. The scuffed boots, skinny jeans and v-neck T is a look that might have to die soon because T Lo are getting tired of it.

On the other hand, a young guy could do a lot worse than this.


Chris Colfer

Still working that Gay Frodo look, we see.

Cory Monteith

 Oh, Corey. This is painful. A man your size and shape should stay away from light-colored suits like this because they just turn you into a beige brick. Dark suits with light shirts not only provide contrast, they provide shape, Corey. Look into it. Also, your ill-fitting jacket and sad, limp shirt collar are making our eyes twitch.


Dot Jones


That shut us up.

Jane Lynch

 Still shutting up.


Jenna Ushkowitz in 6 Shore Road

 That dress is weirdly shaped and the necklace seems a little grandiose, but we love her hair and makeup here.


Jayma Mays in Burberry Prorsum

 It’s a shame that, by pure coincidence, Jayma’s dress also looks like every ’70s kitchen floor and thus it’s clashing with the backdrop. An interesting choice for her. We’re sure it looked better away from the linoleum backdrop.


Pining for one’s youth is a waste of time and energy, but every once in a while we see some young guy wearing an outfit we’re not likely to be able to get away with ourselves and we feel burning envy. He looks really great. Except for the gold chain.

Lea Michele in Peter Som

 Of course.

Mark Salling

 We can’t remember the last time he made a public appearance and wasn’t wearing jeans. The suit doesn’t actually fit him all that well and the shirt/tie color combo doesn’t feel very fresh to us, but it’s better than showing up looking like you’re ready to start your shift at the mini-mart.

Matthew Morrison

Surprisingly chic.

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