In or Out: Drew Barrymore in Ports 1961

Posted on January 26, 2012

We love Miss Drew for never losing sight of her hippy-dippy side, especially when she finds a way to express it and still look chic.


Drew Barrymore attends the screening of “Big Miracle” in Washington, DC in a Ports 1961 dress.

Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Andie Arthur

Are we alone on this one? We realize it’s slightly off the beaten path of the red carpet, but we think it’s really striking and we love that she took the risk. We keep going back and forth on whether it needed some detailing, like a belt, or a bold cuff, or even some sort of pendant or eye-catching necklace. But no, we like the fact that she only punctuated it with a big ol’ pair of hoops. The one downside to this dress is that she’s a shapeless column in it and we’re pretty sure Drew’s a little curvier than that. Maybe just a thin belt to define the waist was called for here. Not loving the hair and makeup, although we like the idea behind the former. We just think it could have looked a little more polished. Either way, we salute her for wearing something different and unexpected.

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IN! You rock your inner hippy chick, girl!

OUT! I can smell the patchouli from here.

Katherine Heigl’s killer dress and lackluster hair and makeup was vigorously debated by the Bitter Kittens, the slight majority of whom came down on the side of IN.


[Photo Credit: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images for Universal Pictures,]

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