Carey Mulligan in Roland Mouret

Posted on January 20, 2012

We’re almost afraid to write this one.

Not because we fear the wrath of Carey Mulligan’s publicist (or Roland Mouret’s, for that matter), nor because we fear that legions of her fans will tear us limb from limb in an orgy of righteous rage because we dared to say something less than flattering about her (although it does give us some pause). No, we’re afraid to write this one because we’re about to complain about something that we’ve been asking for in every red carpet ensemble for almost five years now.


Carrey Mulligan attends the 32nd Annual London Film Critics’ Circle Awards in Roland Mouret paired with YSL pumps.

Roland Mouret Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Kati Nescher (VIVA)

To be blunt, sometimes, the “pop of color” accessorizing trick isn’t always the best idea.

*runs away*

*runs back*

Look, our take on fashion has always been centered around a case-by-case basis. That is to say, there’s nothing inherently wrong with, say,  black peeptoe pumps, but when they become ubiquitous and they’re mindlessly paired with every dress on the red carpet, whether they go with it or not, that’s when we get all huffy and dogmatic about it. But the flipside of that is, we then get a rep for hating black peeptoe pumps (or silly putty pumps, or ankle straps), and when we wind up letting a pair go by without comment, or worse, complimenting the choice, kittens get confused. “But…I thought you hated black peeptoe pumps,” they say, their adorable kitten eyes wide and on the brink of shedding tears of disappointment and confusion. “There, there,” we say (in our imaginations), “Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t. Fashion shouldn’t be rigid. Now dry your eyes, little fashion kitten.”

Such is our dilemma here. Our number one most consistent complaint about red carpet styling is the lack of color, which has reached epidemic proportions with accessories, resulting in a sea of neutral shoes and bags when just a bit of color would look so much better. So imagine our distress to discover that our first reaction to these pictures is, “Great dress, but those aren’t the right shoes for it.”

“Dear GOD,” we said in unison, upon realizing the implications, “The precious unborn fawns are going to KILL US!”

But no, we must stand firm. Blue suede pumps are a great way of punctuating the right dress, but this isn’t that dress. The stark red, black and white color scheme was probably enough for one outfit and besides, the dress itself is kind of … complicated. It’s a great dress, but there’s a lot going on with it, what with the interesting shoulder and neck treatments, as well as the graphic quality. No, tear us limb from limb if you must, but this is one instance where we think black shoes probably would’ve been a better choice. The blue is pulling your eye down, away from her face and dress.

But we do think she looks cute as a button overall.


[Photo Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos,]

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