BAFTA Tea Party Red Carpet

Posted on January 15, 2012

Bitchy fashion bloggers don’t get a Day of Rest during awards season; heavens no, kittens. Since we’ll all be awash in Golden Globes pictures by this time tomorrow, we figured now’s a good time to check out the clothes at a slightly less obvious event: the BAFTA Los Angeles 18th annual Awards Season Tea Party. Isn’t it fabulous that there are Awards Season Tea Parties? The entertainment industry so loves to congratulate itself and put on airs, doesn’t it? They’re about a half-minute away from cotillions and deb balls at this point.


Andrea Riseborough

 Um. Okay.

Look, we’re always yelling for more color and bolder choices and even ladypants on the red carpet, but frankly, this isn’t very attractive.


Charlize Theron in Stella McCartney

 Fabulous, but we hate the shoes.


Viola Davis

When you’ve got a dress in a great color that looks great on you and you top it off with killer hair and makeup, then accessories, in this case, really are a bit of an afterthought. Would we have liked maybe a bangle and a more interesting pair of shoes? Absolutely, but we still think she looks pretty great.

Chloe Moretz in Burberry Prorsum

 Like a teenager, she goes wildly back and forth between looks that suit her and looks that don’t. Sweetie, if you’re listening, these are not your proportions. Make a note of it.

Great look otherwise, but it’s not meant for her shape.


Elizabeth McGovern

 We loveya Lady Grantham, but this dress is just a bit much.


Emilia Clarke

 Cute enough. Mostly nondescript though.


Emily Watson

 That’s a “Shit, I underdressed” look if ever we saw one.


Evan Rachel Wood in Roland Mouret

 Killin’ it.


Felicity Jones

 Also – surprisingly – killin’ it. We don’t normally like such plain looks on the RC but those shoes provide the perfect punctuation. Not loving the eye makeup.

Meryl Streep

Killin’ it – with ATTITUDE. The shame of it is, this outfit could be easily bumped up to chic with a decent pair of shoes. Those snow boots she insists on have ruined more than one outfit lately.


Octavia Spencer

 Oh, she DEFINITELY found herself a new stylist. There’s no doubt now. Up until a couple weeks ago, she couldn’t find a dress to flatter her and here she is kicking it in pants and looking chic as hell. Sure, it’s plain, but we’re mostly talking about the fit and proportions here, which are crazy flattering. You could take these basic shapes and repeat them over and over again with variations in color and pattern to create an effortless wardrobe. The accessories make the perfect punctuation for the look.


Shailene Woodley in Jason Wu

 Cute dress.

We hope she learns the importance of picture-worthy eye makeup for public events soon.


Stana Katic

 The clothes are standard, but perfectly presentable. The hair is kind of tragic.


Michelle Williams in Victoria by Victoria Beckham

We’re back to the land of Twee.



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