Pairs Division: Perry and Brand

Posted on December 05, 2011

These two represent one of our rare pop culture 180s. We don’t want to use the word loathe, but when each of them burst onto the scene we had an immediate dislike in each case. Their collision under the spotlights only furthered our irrational dislike.


Katy Perry and Russell Brand attend the 3rd Annual ‘Change Begins Within’ Benefit Celebration in LA.

Versace Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Ros Georgiou

But a funny thing happened. Maybe they bring out the best in each other, maybe we’ve mellowed (or maybe they have), but we find ourselves actually defending them when their names come up. For all the artifice and silliness coming from the both of them, they give off this vibe of not having their heads up their own asses, like so very many people in their positions would. In other words, they seem charmingly self-aware as well as aware of the absurdity of their surroundings without being dicks about it. Does that make sense? The preceding is not meant to be a show of support for the fact that Barbara Walters named her one of the Most Interesting People of 2011.

Anyway, onwards to the scoring.

SHE: Is really going to need to do something with that hair. Something other than what she’s been doing, that is. We completely support and understand the desire to get away from the Bettie Page-esque black shoe polish hair, and we didn’t mind the various pink iterations over the past six months, even though we thought the “blonde and pink with roots showing” look had a very short sell-by date. But THIS. This is not good. We’d never go so far as to call her “edgy,” but one should expect a bit more out of her personal style than “Quinn from Glee,” no? Having said that, the dress is KILLA. Shoes are a bit matchy, but what the hell. It’s December and she’s got shitty pink hair. She’s allowed to get her sparkle on. Score: 8/10. A drop-dead hairstyle could have easily made this a 10/10. Let that be a lesson to you, Katy Perry.

HE: Has to be taken on his own terms. Like Helena Bonham Carter, he doesn’t follow traditional style rules, but he’s so distinct and so consistent with his personal style that it’s hard to really find fault with it. He’s built for the Skinny-Jeans Jesus look; that’s the bottom line. Speaking of which, we’re not close enough watchers of all things Russell Brand so we can’t put our finger on what it is, but whatever the difference, this particular combination of hair length and facial hair suits him better than pretty much any other we’ve ever seen. As for the clothes, it’s best to talk about the things we don’t mind. We don’t mind the shirt, the vest, or the boots. We hate the cummerbund, the Star Trek pants, and that thing around his neck. But we can’t honestly say that he hasn’t put the effort in. It’s a fully realized look and it works for him. Score: 7.5/10. Too many items on the dislike list to score it any higher than that, though.

Combined Score: 7.75/10. Discuss.

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