Pairs Division: Jolie and PItt

Posted on December 09, 2011

Let’s hear it for putting a little effort in!


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the premiere of “In the Land of Blood and Honey” in Los Angeles. Angelina Jolie wears a midnight blue asymmetrical one shoulder evening gown by Romona Keveza.

Because these two so rarely do.

HE: Is approaching 50 and sporting the Cobain hair. But he’s also Brad Pitt, which means it actually works for him. The suit is gorgeous, although it would have been nice if it was fitted in a more current style, rather than the somewhat loose way he’s wearing it. He’s swimming in those pants and even a little in that jacket. But we give him credit, because lately the dudes on the RC have been going for very business-appropriate suiting and it’s nice to see something like this, with its wide lapels, double front pockets, and vest; things that set it just a bit apart from what the average business major wears for a job interview. He’s also one of the rare men on the planet who can dress in all one color like this and not look like a mobster or bouncer in a strip club. Love the glasses and appreciative of the fact that the whiskers are trimmed and shaped. Score: 9/10. Would’ve scored a perfect 10 if that suit was taken in just a bit.

SHE: Is wearing a color. Score: 100 million/10.

Okay, forgive us for overreacting, but this is an unprecedented moment in the history of western civilization. We’re just a little excited, is all.

It’s not the most vibrant color (and it’s a bit odd that they match perfectly, like they’re wearing uniforms), but it’s sophisticated and looks great on her. This is what’s so frustrating about her. Her coloring means there’s a pretty wide range of hues that would look great on her. We hope this is a step toward accepting that, but we doubt it. Anyway, the other thing that’s so exciting about this dress is that it has an actual shape to it instead of just hanging off her, like so many of her outfits. And it has some actual design to it, with the sheerness and the draping and all. We don’t love the way the hair looks flat on top and blown out on the sides, but her eye makeup is gorgeous. Score: 9/10. Jewelry and some lip color would have been nice. We realize it’s a serious film and an important career moment for her and all that, but a bracelet would have been welcome.

Combined Score: 9/10. See what a little effort gets you?


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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