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Posted on December 09, 2011

You know who we miss? Crazy-Eyes. Nicotina. Whatever her name was. This group’s too dull to sustain our interest. We need a little bit of personality disorder up in here.

Anyway, Kenneth Cole, yaddayaddayadda, sold in his stores, proceeds going to The Kenneth Cole Foundation AIDS charity, AWEARNESS. It’s all good. Standard PR format, but it’s a fine challenge for accessories.

Then they screwed it all up in the judging. Again.



Congratulations to Brian. Once again, we think his win is ridiculous. It’s not that we think he’s without talent. Actually, he’s quite talented and creative; probably the most creative person left in the cast. And if this was a challenge based purely on creativity, we’d probably put him near, if not at, the top for these entries. But he was making something to be sold in Kenneth Cole stores and at least part of the directive was to keep in mind the Kenneth Cole brand and aesthetic. These pieces don’t even come close. Kenneth himself, moments before handing the win to Brian, admitted that he’d never sell something like this in his stores. In other words:

“I’d never sell something like this in my stores.

Congratulations Brian. We will be selling this in my stores.”

Uh…okay. If you’re interested, you can buy Brian’s bag here.



Once again, Nina gets robbed. That clutch was genious, especially the way it was designed so that it could be slid up the arm on either side. The ring’s pretty stylish too and even better, it looks like it’s part of the same collection as the bag. We liked, but didn’t love the necklace. It’s not the most original of designs and despite what the lady judges were saying, we didn’t really believe that it could be worn with a variety of outfits. Still, we thought her two best pieces were absolutely perfect for the Kenneth Cole brand.



The earrings were pretty horrifying, but the bag was pretty great. We’re all for mixing metallics, but we couldn’t help thinking those brass accents would pop much better and look more elegant against black leather.



We don’t know what the hell happened with this one. He’s always defaulted to bag designs that were on the classic side, but this bag is totally generic. It looks more like a makeup case than a clutch. And our eyes teared up watching his poor model sporting those lobe-stretchers on the runway. We know Project Runway judging sessions can take hours to shoot. We really hope that poor girl didn’t have to stand there that whole time with her earlobes slowly making their way toward her shoulders. The only thing that kept him in the game was his past work and the fact that someone else’s work sucked worse this time.



We said last week that Nina was probably the most talented jewelry designer in the group, but we keep forgetting about Rich. His jewelry designs are fantastic and they’re the only reason HE’S still in the game despite churning out shitty purses and shoes every week. To his credit, he did an excellent job on the purse. It’s just that it was too simple. The Kenneth Cole aesthetic really tripped a lot of people up this week.



And it’s good-bye to Adrian. We like him, but everything here looked cheap; not just in the tacky sense, but in the poorly made one. His aesthetic was never going to be embraced by a bunch of high fashion bitches and it was painful watching him second-guess himself so much in a failed attempt to please them.


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