PA: All Over But the Shouting

Posted on December 27, 2011

Hey, remember this show? Just barely? That’s okay. We write about it more than pretty much anyone else on the planet and we have a hard time remembering the particulars ourselves. It’s not the show’s fault that we took so long to get around to recapping the finale, but ask yourselves this: could you even imagine a world where we’d wait almost a week to discuss the Project Runway finale? Even more telling, could you imagine such a thing happening and virtually no one asking “Say, T Lo, when are you getting around to recapping the finale?”

Let’s face it, kittens: this show was a dud from the word go. As we’ve said many times in recapping this show, we think you can have an accessories design reality show, but this isn’t the format and these aren’t the people who are going to make it work.



So congratulations to Brian. No offense, dude, but your win encapsulates not only everything that was wrong with this show, but everything that’s wrong with the Project Runway franchise: awarding prizes to colorful characters who make items that will never sell to the public or wind up in magazines or on red carpets.

His work isn’t totally without merit, but he either made things you can find in any department store (the bag, boots, clutch, and pumps), or he’s making crap that looks like something you’d win out of a cereal box, like the Flintstone’s jewelry that the judges loved so much.

Sure, you could argue that he never bored the judges, but that just goes back to what we said earlier about the failure of the PR franchise: It’s time to start saying out loud that “not boring the judges” is a TERRIBLE way to pick the next successful designer.

His most interesting pieces (and there weren’t many) tend to look crafty and sloppy to us. Those square bangles are horrible. Not a bad design; but it looks like they were made by a kid in gay summer camp.


It was a tossup between Rich and Nina, as far as we’re concerned. Of the two, we probably would have chosen Rich, simply because he stayed true to his impulses, but managed to produce really polished, salable, chic pieces.

Yes, he has bitchy Diego to thank for the bags, but the one with the hammered copper was by far the best and that design is pure Rich. LOVE his jewelry. The belts are okay, but let’s face it: he’s a master jewelry designer who was forced to make things he didn’t want to. When he did what he’s best at, the results are amazing.


But Nina was definitely a close second. Both she and Rich are talented designers with innate sense of style and ideas of what’s chic. But Rich favors edgier pieces and Nina favors very feminine, very pretty pieces. Essentially, it comes down to (in a broad, general sense) the difference between a female and male designer. It’s perhaps not surprising that we would respond more enthusiastically to Rich’s work, but we’re no less impressed with Nina’s. All throughout the competition, she was our pick for the best.

We think if she failed anywhere, it was that her pieces are sometimes too complicated for their own good. That first necklace is very big and heavy and the second, chain necklace looks like it would be a pain in the ass. The final necklace with the geometric shapes was fabulous, but again, looks difficult to wear.  Love the sandal and the cuffs. The last clutch is a but much, but that duffel bag is fabulous.

So what do the minions think? Agree with the win? Will there be a Season 2? Should there be? We wanted to like this one, but it never really came together and in the end, blogging about it was quite the chore.

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