Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on December 06, 2011

First, a question to all the fashion people out there. With the rise in importance and prominence of both pre-fall and resort collections (both of which are quickly becoming de rigeur), isn’t it time to just take the 4 fashion seasons and name them after the actual seasons? Doesn’t it make sense, if you’re going to show four collections a year, to designate them your spring, summer, fall and winter collections? Because let’s face it: resort collections are essentially summer collections, fall collections are essentially winter collections, and pre-fall collections are essentially fall collections. What’s with all the confusing nomenclature?

Pre-fall collections are typically not as grandiose as spring and fall collections, but having sat mere inches from these looks as they walked by, it would be hard for us to argue that they’re somehow of lesser importance. Still, despite the luxury and impeccable craftsmanship on display, this really is a more subdued collection than what we would see from Oscar de la Renta during Fashion Week. Instead of an endless array of stunning gowns, there are more separates here; more wearable pieces, more pants than one would expect, and a greater number of suits. While the show does close with a number of beautiful gowns, it’s the slightly ’30s-inspired day wear that makes this collection. Gorgeous tweeds and silks, leathers and prints (and a little bit of fur) give the impression of fabulously cosmopolitan women dashing off during the day to do important (yet still fabulous) things. Oscar doesn’t really go for trends, nor does he set them. Instead, he utilizes his laser-precise knowledge both of his customer base and of women generally to give them exactly what they want: beautiful clothes that inspire one to murmur as they walk past, “Ohmigod, I want that.”



EXTRA SPECIAL SUPER-BONUS: We had the rare privilege of being invited backstage to watch the models have their hair and makeup done. We’ve been behind the scenes just enough times to know that they’re not always this, shall we say, genteel.  Even here, the OdlR predilection for quiet class and elegance is evident. By the way, we loved the tight, looped side-chignons the models were sporting. Very chic.

Look for our tiny heads on the left as the models come out. Lorenzo’s mostly obscured but you can see Tom’s big mug (in the glasses).

[Photo Credit: tomandlorenzo.com, gorunway.com – Video Credit: oscarprgirl.tumblr.com]

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