Lady Gaga is Over It

Posted on December 21, 2011

Darlings, we have been remiss in our Gaga-reporting duties. Too long has she been away from our bitchy little enclave. But then we look at these pics and we think perhaps it was best to stay away for awhile.

Lady Gaga at Sarita International Airport

It’s not that she looks bad so much as she just doesn’t look like she’s having as much fun as in times past. Granted, walking through an airport with both an entourage and a phalanx of photographers could make even the biggest attention whore cranky. Especially if you’re so committed to your image that you have to do it in 6-inch heels and 30 pounds of wig. This is pretty much typical Gaga, but that’s kind of our point. She’s spent the better part of the year surprising us with her witty takes on high fashion and here, she just looks like Marilyn Manson’s bratty younger sister.

Poor Steffi. You must be tired. Take a nap when you get to the hotel and make Hot Ginger Handler (just look at how overworked and stressed he looks!) get you tea and rub your feet. It’s what we would do.

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