Josh Holloway is Lost

Posted on December 21, 2011

We so wanted to do Josh as an In or Out. And we’re so never going to stop driving that joke into the ground.

Josh Holloway at the premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” in New York City.

But the fact of the matter is, Josh – who is, by the way, lovely to see again – has not done the work that would elevate him to such status as would allow an In or Out post. Why? Because apparently he belongs to a cult that doesn’t believe in tailoring or something. Or he just bought that thing off the rack at Today’s Man. Whatever the reason, Josh is swimming in a suit quite a bit too large for him. Kind of a shame, because it’s a pretty decent-looking suit otherwise.

In sum: Great to see you again, Sawyer. But not like this.

[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos, Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

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