In or Out: Zac Efron

Posted on December 08, 2011

We got a little cranky with Zac the other day and took out on him our frustration with a bunch of other slobs on the red carpet. Minions called us on it and told us we were being unfair and that he actually looked good. What the hell; we’ll give him a second chance. Never let it be said we don’t listen, kittens.

Zac Efron attends the premiere of “New Year’s Eve” at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC.

It’s a nice enough suit. Not really setting us on fire. It’s kind of hard to tell the color, since it’s light blue in one picture, grey in another, and then a bluish grey in the third. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that it’s somewhere in the blue-grey family. This is a bit of our problem lately with guys on the RC. They’re busting out these suits that have a seriously business-y feel to them. It’s not that you can’t ever wear a grey or blue suit outside of a business setting, but for a red carpet, especially for a big, glossy, holiday movie like this, you should try and sparkle things up somehow, y’know? Nice tie, but anything that would be appropriate for a job interview probably shouldn’t be deployed for a movie premiere. Even the scarf, which isn’t a bad touch, seems a little pedestrian. Nice enough, but we’re pretty sure you could get something a lot nicer than that lent to you, Zac. We could walk into Marshall’s right now and buy a scarf that looks just like that. And finally, we’re pretty sure Zac can afford a better pair of shoes than that. Those aren’t the currently trendy “artfully distressed” shoes you see a lot on the RC; those are just a shitty, beat up pair of shoes.

There. We gave him a second chance.


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IN! Damn, T Lo! Lighten the hell up!

OUT! You’re so right, T Lo! I originally thought he looked pretty good, but with your guidance, I realized he looks like CRAP!


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[Photo Credit: WireImage, Charles Norfleet/PR Photos]

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