In or Out: Rachel McAdams in Marchesa

Posted on December 07, 2011

We have very positive things to say about this dress, but we know some of the kittens are not Marchesa fans. Let’s discuss.

Rachel McAdams in MarchesaRachel McAdams attends the premiere of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” in Los Angeles in a Marchesa gown.

Rachel McAdams in MarchesaMarchesa Resort 2012 Collection

Rachel McAdams in Marchesa

Rachel McAdams in Marchesa

We are more than over the poufy princess dresses that have become the Marchesa trademark, so we’re thrilled to see something so soignée and simple, with a retro feel to it. Who can’t see a young Joan Crawford or Katharine Hepburn swanning across the screen in something like this? Love that the dress has a textural quality to it while still being sleek. As for the detailing, we can’t see the shoes well enough to judge, the hair looks good, and we’re sounding like a broken record lately, but she could have used some color on her face. We love clean makeup in a variety of different situations, but it’s the holiday season and you’re wearing a stunning silver gown. If now isn’t the time to indulge in a little glamour, then what could possibly be a more appropriate time? Her makeup is very pretty, no doubt about it, but it’s barely more than day makeup. We’re not asking for smokey eyes and cherry red lips; just a touch of sparkle and a hint of color would be nice.

Still, despite the nitpickery, we think she looks gorgeous in this dress. You are free to hold onto your virulent anti-Marchesa stance, but we will silently judge you for it, just so you know.


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Olivia Wilde’s well-paired separates got an approving nod from the commentariat, who voted it IN.

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