In or Out: Olivia Wilde in Lanvin and Marc Jacobs

Posted on December 06, 2011

Oh, bless you, Olivia Wilde. Or more accurately, bless your stylist.


Revlon’s newest Global Brand Ambassador actress Olivia Wilde launches four new Revlon eye products in New York City in a Lavin top and a Marc Jacobs skirt.

Why are we asking God to come down and bestow blessings on some un-named stylist? Because you never (or very rarely) see well-paired separates from two different designers on a celebrity. Everyone involved in red carpet decisions is so risk-averse and so beholden to the design houses that offer them free clothes, that something like this – a blouse and skirt pairing, like practically every non-famous woman dresses when she needs to – is considered too potentially damaging for the red carpet. Matching clothes is apparently a very difficult thing to do for people whose entire job it is to pick out outfits. Meanwhile, a huge chunk of the women reading this post at their desks in the office are probably doing so while wearing a skirt and a top that they managed to pick out on their very own.

Anyway, we love both the top and the skirt and we think they look great together (and photograph really well). On the other hand, we’re not at all in love with the black sheer hose and black shoes. Yes, it’s December in New York (albeit an unseasonably mild one) and hosiery is to be expected, but we just don’t love black hose paired with a white skirt. It looks a bit awkward. And we REALLY don’t like the idea of pairing black shoes with it. She looks like a floating legless woman in front of that backdrop. Couldn’t you have worn a kicky pair of red shoes, darling? Or maybe silver? Or practically any color at all?

Feel free to tell us we’re picky bitches.


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In other bitchery news, Jessica Alba’s Christmas Schmatta was voted O to the UT by the bitter kittens.

“Jessica Alba’s Christmas Schmatta” sounds like a twisted (and very confused) Lifetime movie.

[Photo Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]

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