In or Out: Kate Mara in Christian Dior

Posted on December 16, 2011

Her sister Rooney’s been getting all the love from us lately and that’s just not fair, considering how much we love Kate tearing up the scenery as crazy bitchghost Hayden on American Horror Story.

3333Kate Mara attends premiere of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in New York in a Christian Dior dress paired with Brian Atwood pumps, a Miu Miu clutch, and an Alexander McQueen bracelet.

Kate Mara in Christian Dior

Kate Mara in Christian Dior

But ohhhhhhhh, girl. You are making it so hard to declare our love for you. After staring at it for a length of time that no sane person would consider healthy, we’re prepared to state the following: if it didn’t have all that shit on her torso and shoulders, we think this dress would suit her quite well; the shape of it, at least. We don’t think that shade of pink is her best friend, though. Nor do we think a focus-pulling gold piece of jewelry and bronzey metallic pumps were at all a good idea with this color. Also, the hair. It’s silly. We think her makeup’s pretty good and there’s not one piece we dislike here. It’s just that they’re either badly paired or not in a color that suits her.

And you, Bitter Kittens? What are your thoughts? Do go on. We’re fascinated.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Norfleet/PR Photos]

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