In or Out: Evan Rachel Wood in Preen

Posted on December 12, 2011

It makes us a little sad that we’re subjecting ERW to the In or Out process (which will never not sound dirty).


Evan Rachel Wood in PreenEvan Rachel Wood attends the Andrea Bocelli Foundation Launch in Beverly Hills in a Preen dress paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Evan Rachel Wood in Preen

Evan Rachel Wood in Preen

But even fashion divas have an off day. Maybe she’s distracted about something, or pissed about something, or maybe she just had a momentary lack of taste – or maybe all of those things happened to her stylist. Whatever the reason, this getup is not inspiring any snaps from us. Nothing offensively bad here, but this sure as hell ain’t no WERQ from where we’re sitting. We like the top but it looks a bit too tight on her and we’re not loving the proportions of the skirt: too high (waist), too low (hem), and too full for the top half, it seems to us.

And Miss Evan Rachel. Are you really defaulting to the peep-toes with bows on them like so many of your lesser ilk have already done? Really? Our disappointment is a bottomless well. This is like the time Cate Blanchett went out looking like a frumpy real estate agent in a badly fitted pantsuit and we wandered the streets for weeks, wracked with despair over it. Also, your clutch looks like something that zips inside your suitcase. Wait… is that your makeup bag, honey? Did you stumble out onto the red carpet halfway through your makeup routine and that’s why you’re hair looks like that? We HATE IT when that happens, don’t you?

But that still doesn’t excuse the dress or the shoes. We’re afraid we have to release the hounds, doll:


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IN! Low-key chic!

OUT! Frumpy disappointment!


Voting on Rose McGowan’s prom lingerie is still open and waiting for your opinion, darlings.



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