In or Out: Elle Fanning in Louis Vuitton

Posted on December 13, 2011

We would like nothing more than to spare Miss Elle the horrors of having the public vote on her outfit, but action simply must be taken, kittens.


Elle Fanning in Louis VuittonElle Fanning attends the premiere of “We Bought a Zoo” in New York City in Louis Vuitton.

Elle Fanning in Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Collection

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 CollectionLouis Vuitton Spring 2012 Collection

Elle Fanning in Louis Vuitton

First things first: Girl, you aren’t woman enough for that shoe. Come back in a couple or 3 years.

Now. Let’s admit something. We’re not that crazy about the Louis Vuitton spring collection when we see it on (for lack of a better term) “real” people, i.e., non-models. That dress is kind of floaty and princess-y and interesting on the model, but on poor Elle, it’s just a big mess. One could put forth the hypothesis that perhaps Elle isn’t old enough or sophisticated enough to pull off this dress and under normal circumstances, we might agree, but Cate Blanchett herself could not make a very similar dress from the same collection work on her, so we’re prepared to say that these dresses are for the pros to wear.

Also, while there’s some value to a pale, washed-out girl wearing pale, washed-out clothing, Miss Elle defaults to it way, WAY too much. Yes, you’re a little baby starlet, and that’s adorable. But hitting the red carpet like it’s your First Holy Communion is getting just a tad old, girl. Colors are okay. No one will think you’re a strumpet if you wear something red.

We think this look is a disaster, frankly. Minions, as always, have their say:


Vote Now!

IN! Floaty and pretty!

OUT! Dress by Kleenex!


In other bitchery news, Rose McGowan’s hot glue gun dress got an OUT vote, while Evan Rachel Wood’s prim little outfit got an IN.


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