Gucci ‘Zoo’ Collection

Posted on December 12, 2011

Darlings, what should you get the insufferable brat on your holiday shopping list? What does one buy for the child who has everything but still keeps asking for more?

Gucci children’s accessories, of course.

These are obviously for children who aren’t dirty little airheads who would lose a shoe in mid-stride. In other words, alien children. Or possibly demonic half-breed children. Definitely not for normal human children. That would just be silly. So if you have any alien children or the Anti-Christ on your holiday shopping list, here you go. Problem solved.

Or to hell with the kids; buy something for yourself. That little semi-angry bird is adorable. If you have small hands, no one need ever know.

Source: Gucci Zoo ‘Kid’ Accessory Collection [Trendland]
[Photo Credit:,]

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