Chloe Sevigny in NYC

Posted on December 19, 2011

We cannot tell you how thrilled we are to learn that Chloe Sevigny continues her red carpet performance art EVEN WHEN THERE ISN’T A RED CARPET.

Let’s see who she’s playing today!

Meet Lizbeth, a super-serious ’80s corporate lawyer. She’s all stern and buttoned up during the day, but at night, she hits the after-hours clubs on the Lower East Side and does cocaine while cheering on the Dominican breakdancers who worship her every move. Then she has sex with a stranger in an alleyway full of homeless people, gets into a fistfight with some prostitutes who called her a gnarly skank, and drops by Andy’s to party with Keith and Jean-Michel, where she scores one last bump before heading home to button herself up again for another day of corporate warfare.

But she’s keeping the shoes she won in that fight.

[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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