China Chow in Stella McCartney

Posted on December 01, 2011

We love you , China Chow, you fabulous little party pixie.


China Chow in Stella McCartneyChina Chow attends the White Cube Party at Soho Beach House Miami.

China Chow in Stella McCartneyStella McCartney Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Kasia Struss

China Chow in Stella McCartney

China Chow in Stella McCartney

This is neither IN/OUT-worthy nor WERQ-worthy simply because this doesn’t look like the kind of event that required high-end dressing (check the dork in the background in the last pic) and, knowing her, this was not an outfit put together by a stylist. In other words, these really are her going-out clothes. We doubt many woman could make this look work, even a model, but she’s so tiny and fabulous that all the crazy prints and textures (not to mention the shape) work just fine on her. If we were at this party and didn’t know her, we’d have a hard time taking our eyes off her or approaching her to tell her we love her outfit. But that’s just us. Kittens may disagree but they must show their work if they choose to do so.

As an aside, we met China briefly when this season of Work of Art was shooting. We didn’t exactly get to be on-set, but we were off- off- off-set (Thanks to some T Lo fans at, one of the show’s sponsors) and she came back to say hello. She really is tiny and she has a surprisingly forceful voice, like a politician’s or a CEO’s. Here comes this little fabulosity in couture and when she shakes our hand, it’s “HI, NICE TO MEET YOU! THANK YOU FOR COMING!” You know how in cartoons when someone yells, the person they’re yelling at is animated like they’re taking full-force winds in the face? That’s what it felt like. Not that she was obnoxiously or unattractively loud or anything; just that she has a much more commanding voice than you’d expect.  Maybe she spends so much time at parties that she’s got permanent party voice. She was very sweet, though, and very pretty. Fabulous dressed as well, but you knew that already.


[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Soho Beach House,]


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