BAFTA 2011 Britannia Awards Red Carpet

Posted on December 01, 2011

Darlings, it was the BAFTA Los Angeles 2011 Britannia Awards in Beverly Hills, California and a whole metric tonne of Britlebrities and Britlebrity supporters showed up! Judge, darlings. Lest ye miss out on a chance to judge.


Alan Cumming

Love your eyeliner, darling, but your pants make you look like you’re standing in a puddle.


Andrea Riseborough in Marchesa

Doesn’t every gal want a dress that completely screws up the natural shape of her body?  And Andrea honey, we’ve slowly come around on your low-key makeup but what the hell is going on with your hair?


Anton Yelchin



Asha Leo



Dennis Haysbert

We’re digging the thick tie. That look works so well on broad, square-shouldered men. Broad, square-shouldered men with voices like honey who could sell us insurance just by speaking to us in smooth, confident tones that envelope us like … oh, sorry. Lost our train of thought there.


Felicity Jones in Moschino

Gorgeous. The gauntlet has been thrown down in front of Keira and Carey. Felicity is laying claim to the title, girls. Better step up your games the next time you go out.


Helena Bonham Carter



Helen Mirren

It’s a dress that’s perhaps too interesting for its own good.


Ioan Gruffudd

That’s one big bow.


Jason Isaacs

This makes us sad. We think he’s gorgeous, but this look is doing him no favors. Nothing quite fits as well as it should.


Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton

We’ll be in our bunks.

We’d have something to say about their clothes, but try as we might, we can’t see any in this picture. Although if we could see them in a non-naked state, we’d probably tell Phillip to button his jacket, get his hands out of his pockets, and pick a pair of glasses that fit his face.

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